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WeLcOMe in wOnDeRLaNd...

*GödFoRsAKeN iSlaNd*


This journal is from now on Friends Only
Comment to be added :)
FO banner made by the lovely elisangelis

Friending Policy: You're more than welcome to friend me, i will likely friend you back.
I don't take Friending/Defriending very seriously. If i added you it's because i find your LJ interesting, i don't expect you to friend me back.
I sometimes do minor cuts in my Flist but mostly people who haven't write in years or people whose LJ i don't read anymore. Let me tell you it seldom happens. :)

Lilisullivan: An absense of logic. Insane, unreasonable. A byproduct of such insanity...

What you'll find here: Mostly Fandom rants, squeesage, pimpage, RL stuffs, music posts, miscellaneous...

Ce qu'il faut savoir: à tres mauvais caractère, la contradiction à l'état pur, dors au dessus de la couette, ne porte presque pas de chaussettes, coupe la viande de la main gauche, parle toute seule, danse et chante devant la glace, fais des grimaces et rougis beaucoup.
Aime faire des bulles, danser, chanter, nager, lire, voir ses amis, rêver, regarder le tour de france, regarder plein de séries, tchater, surfer sur internet, voyager, photographier.

Zik: Coldplay, Feeder, the Feeling, the Kooks, Kaiser Chiefs, The Corrs, Jude, Eels, Frou Frou, Ivy, Grand National, The Servant, Keane, Artic Monkeys, Spoon, Basement Jaxx, Athlete, Jack Johnson, Counting Crows, Aimee Mann, Dido, Oasis, U2, The Verve, frank Sinatra...
Mostly Brit rock, mullet rock as well, but just to please Dean Winchester

Movies: Snatch, ocean's 11, confession of a dangerous mind, pretty woman, Erin Brokovitch, Gladiator, Pirates of the carribean, american beauty, bring it on, Garden States, Bon voyage, Good Bye Lenin, Amelie, Joyeux Noël, Billy Elliot, Brassed Off, Four Weddings and a Funeral, About a boy, Bend it like Beckham, les poupées russes, the Magnificent Seven, westerns, black and white movies and lots of chick flicks which i'm too embarrassed to name here :p...

Hobbies: Chorist

Hates: Horror movies... i can't think of anything else right now.... Also, the smell of tobacco.

TV shows i watch: Supernatural, Greek, Gossip Girl, Castle, 90210, Glee, White Collar, The big bang theory, how i met your mother

TV shows i watch sometimes: Chuck, 30 Rock, Smallville, cougar town

TV shows i stopped watching but could get back into: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, One Tree Hill

TV shows i watched that do not exist anymore Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Buffy, Prison Break, Lost, Friday Night Lights, Friends, Arrested Development, The OC, Dawson, Roswell, Dark Angel,

Pairing: Joey/Pacey (Dawson's creek), Spike/Buffy (BtVS), Chloe/Clark (Smallville), Lex/Lana (Smallville Lexmas), Chloe/Lex (Smallville), Chloe/Ollie (Smallville), Alex/Addison (Grey's Anatomy), Alex/Izzie (Grey's Anatomy), Mark/Little Grey (Grey's Anatomy), Christina/Owen (Grey's Anatomy), Michael/Sara (Prison Break), Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars), Mac/Dick (Veronica Mars), Veronica/Piz (Veronica Mars), Logan/Parker (Veronica Mars), Kate/Sawyer (Lost), Juliet/Sawyer (Lost), Tim/Tyra (FNL), Tim/Lyla (FNL), Matt/Julie (FNL), Coach/Mrs Coach (FNL), Rory/Dean (Gilmore Girls)

Anyone with the Winchester brothers on Supernatural, particularly Dean/Chloe (SPN/SV), Dean/Brooke (SPN/OTH), Dean/Faith (SPN/BtVS)... Same thing with Sam :p
I'm a sucker for crossovers! They are, by far, the best kind of fics! That and NC-17 ones! ;)

Favorite character:
Veronica Mars: Veronica Mars
Smallville: Chloe Sullivan
Prison Break: Sara Tancredi
Grey's anatomy: Izzie Stevens
Supernatural: Sean and Dam Winchester (a mix of both)
Friday Night Lights: Tim Riggins.. Or is it Matt Saracen.. Or Tyra Colette... Or Tami Taylor? Man this is too hard.
Chuck: Chuck Bartowsky
Greek: Cappie
Heroes: Elle Bishop
Ugly Betty: Daniel Meade
Friends: Chandler Bing
Lost: Kate Austen & Juliet Burke
Desperate Housewives: Susan Mayer
The OC: Seth Cohen
One Tree Hill: Brooke Davis
Gilmore Girls: Lorelai Gilmore
Buffy the vampire slayer: Faith Lehane
Dawson's creek: Pacey Witter

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
both Smallville banners were made by the talented kissme_myfool

A la vérité je ne peux chanter
Que des illusions désillusion
Tout au long des jours
A chercher l'amour
Comme tout un chacun
C'est un long chemin
un long chemin
Meilleur ou pire
Tourments ou éclats de rire
J'en fais des notes et des soupirs

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Impala Header made by vicons

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Tarot Cards
White Rabbit
A white rabbit is looking at his watch with full anxiety, he's late, as we can all see.. indeed he is very late! He has to take a cup of tea with the queen of heart, and play criquet with her majesty, but can't seem to find his way to go there....That's too bad. He seems really stressed out anyway, and is rather bewildered by the fact that a girl named Alice follows him for some time now. What can she possibly want from him?? Oww he's late, really late, he has no time to make small talk right now, he's late!
Divinatory Meaning: You see this card? you want to be the exact opposite of it! It's a reminder... You see anxiety, stress, no self esteem, angst, worry, fear. Cool down, you're not this Rabbit right? So, enjoy... You have the time to be stressed out, just not right now! This card express your coolness in life....
Reversed: Self esteem, Hope, Greatness, Achievement
WelCoMe In WoNDeRLaNd: Wait a minute!! Turn around..see... What about that curious young lady that follows this rabbit? Don't you wanna know her? Come on, we're going to discover Wonderland together, don't be shy...

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sets of brushes i'm using in my icons are from:
Brushes @ Komodo-skin from isabellecs