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Jared & Milo


Posted on 2020.09.25 at 11:38
Current Mood: amusedamused
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Due to personnal reasons this journal is from now on Friends Only.
Feel free to add me, there are good chances I'll add you back! But please comment and tell me why you added me.
Or you can fill this out for me :)


Fandom March Madness: 1st round

Posted on 2011.03.06 at 02:00
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Please vote for Chloe. We are losing by so much it's no even funny...
I know Olivia Dunham is a HBIC too but still i would love to see Chloe win this round. I know i know i can still dream, right?
Any vote helps!!!



Please vote for Chloe Sullivan, pretty please!

Posted on 2011.03.02 at 23:10
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Blair/Chuck FTW

He's dead

Posted on 2009.06.26 at 10:17
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The king of Pop is dead, and something inside me died with him...

Real men

Happy Star wars day everone!

Posted on 2009.05.04 at 18:52
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May the 4th be with you :p

Real men

Harry Potter Meme!

Posted on 2009.05.03 at 18:59
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Current Music: Rocky Mountain Way-Joe Walsh-Supernatural OST
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I wish i were Mrs Rupert Grint but apparetly it's not my destiny...

Your result for The Harry Potter Husband Test...

Mrs. Longbottom

Your perfect HP man is Neville Longbottom.

You like the nice guy.  You don't need the best looking guy, or the most talented, or the most popular, or the most powerful.  You want a guy who'll be there when you need him, who knows how to stick through the hard times, who isn't afraid to do what needs to be done, and who stands up to even his friends when necessary.  You can't go wrong with a guy like this. 



(fanart by jeremia  http://jeremia.deviantart.com/  used with permission)

Take The Harry Potter Husband Test
at HelloQuizzy

another video of the Chuck campaign,
pretty much the same thing as the one before, but you see the beginning and the end when thy are still at the convention in Birmingham.


Jared & Milo

Zachary Levi - Finale & Footlong campaign

Posted on 2009.04.27 at 22:51

Gosh i love this actor and this amazing show!! Please NBC don't be a fool...


Chlavis/Chloom vid, anyone?

Posted on 2009.04.08 at 15:55
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Current Music: Beauty & the Beast-Celine Dion
May i suggest, for those of you in my Flist who are extremely talented and make beautiful fanvids, to make a Chlavis/Chloom fanvid to the Disney movie theme of "the beauty and the beast" when S8 is over. I can't wait for the 4 next episodes, there will be lots of Chlavis greatness. Or will there? There better be!


TV shows

Posted on 2009.04.08 at 13:59
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TV shows i can't wait to see from week to week...

Greeeek is back, i'm so happy about it, and fangirling about it of course. I know it's not the most brilliant show outthere, but i've got a huge crush on the whole cast and on the storylines. We don't have greek systems in France, but watching this, i feel like i was thrown back in College. and givzn how unemployment is a pain in my ass right now, i wish i were.

Chuck! How can you not melt before the utter cuteness and geekness that is chuck aka Zachary Levy. Please please NBC renew Chuck, please. Scott Bakula is in it for God's sake!

Friday Night Lights: What's not to love, seriously! This is probably the most underated show ever. Loads of good critics and nobody watches, gah!
The story, the actors, the scenery, the music, the editing... I'm so glad it got renewed for 2 years!! I'm just afraid that i'll miss the old characters, i want me some Riggins, and Lyla, and Tyra and Matt, please don't leave Dillon, Texas, pretty please?

And last but certainly not least: Supernatural! I have to say, that i have no problem with S4 and where it's heading. I find it quite interesting. It's probably one of the best season anyway. What i love about the show is the brotherly love, the family matters, the mythology behind it, the humor, and the fact that you can feel watching this show, reading interviews and all, that the cast and crew have tons of fun on set, and that they truly care about each other.

I do watch tons of other shows, don't worry. But i think, i would have no problem waiting till the end of the season to watch the episodes during the summer for example.

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